Large House Review Information

Large House Review is the term used to describe the review of certain single family dwellings, as required by Section XVID, Large House Review, in the Zoning Bylaw. Generally, if the size of a proposed home (calculated as Total Living Area plus Garage Space (TLAG) exceeds the established TLAG threshold for the district in which the property is located, the home must complete the Large House Review process and be approved by the Planning Board before a building permit may be issued. Changes to nonconforming single-family dwellings which require a Special Permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals (ex. a pre-existing nonconforming structure or a nonconforming lot) are exempt from Large House Review.


The definition of Large House Review was amended at the 2017 Annual Town Meeting, please review materials related to Article 32 here. These amendments are effective on July 1, 2017*. Based on these amendments, the Planning Board approved amendments and readopted the Large House Review Rules and Regulations, including the TLAG Affidavit and Directions for the Calculation of TLAG, on July 27, 2017.

*EFFECTIVE DATE: Please note, the motion for the amendments referenced above, adopted by the 2017 Annual Town Meeting, indicated the amendments to be effective on July 1, 2017; however, these amendments are not technically effective until after the Town receives approval by the Attorney General, and this is not expected to be received until after July 1, 2017 - once received the Bylaw would be retroactively effective back to July 1, 2017. Therefore, applicants may proceed at their own risk and calculate TLAG in the pre-amended manner for the purpose of permits, recognizing that when the Town receives approval by the Attorney General it may result in issued permits being rendered nonconforming and require further action, including completion of the Large House Review process.