Public Works

Public Works Building
The Town of Wellesley Department of Public Works is dedicated to providing in a safe and cost effective manner the essential, emergency, and maintenance services, together with information and planning support, to protect, maintain, and improve the Town's assets and infrastructure for the safety and well being of the community.

A Report:

Apples to Apples: A Three Town Public Works Benchmarking Journey is a report prepared by the Department of Public Works for the Board of Public Works, the Advisory Committee, and the Board of Selectmen, comparing the performance of Wellesley's department to that of neighboring communities.

Note to Homeowners:

We ask you to please trim back trees and shrubs that abut the sidewalks. Plantings that obstruct the public right of way present a hazard to children walking to school, as well as to other pedestrians, and are a violation of the Town of Wellesley bylaw concerning use of public ways:

49.2 Use of Public Ways: No person shall throw, place or cause to be placed in any public way or public place in the Town, any tree, bush, or other planting, or any obstruction, or any garbage, fuel, building material, paper, cards, handbills, leaves, or rubbish of any kind, nor stones or rocks or other objects to act as curbing, except in such a place and manner as shall be directed by the Selectmen and except as hereinafter provided in section 49.2A.

Your cooperation is appreciated in keeping Wellesley safe for pedestrians.