Construction Excavator Overturns Near Kimlo Road

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Wellesley Police are investigating the cause of this overturned excavator near Kimlo Road.

 The Wellesley Police Department, along with the Wellesley Fire Department, the Wellesley Department of Public Works, and OSHA are on scene of a construction accident near Kimlo Road.   A 30,000 pound CAT excavator has overturned at a construction site, and ended up near the CSX/MBTA railroad tracks overlooking the Wellesley Hills Train Station.  This area is extremely steep and is the site of new home construction.



The initial call for the incident was received at 2:44 PM on October 6, 2009 by Wellesley Police dispatchers Tim Gover and Sarah Walsh.  The Wellesley Police Department, Wellesley Fire Department, and AMR paramedics were dispatched to the scene.  Wellesley Police Lieutenant Jack Pilecki arrived on scene and found an excavator overturned and significantly damaged.  Lieutenant Pilecki established  that the sole operator had been removed from the excavator by construction workers.  The operator was evaluated by AMR paramedics and was not injured. 


The excavator remains overturned on a steep embankment overlooking the dual CSX railroad tracks and the Wellesley Hills train station.  Wellesley Police and Fire Department members are on scene coordinating the safe removal of the excavator.  The removal process will be extremely difficult due to the location of the excavator, and the proximity to the railroad tracks.  The Wellesley Police Department is awaiting the arrival of officials from CSX to determine the safest method to remove the construction equipment.


An investigation  is underway by Lieutenant Wayne Cunningham, Sergeant Glen Gerrans, as well as Officers Janet Moura and Nate Derby, to determine why the excavator overturned. 


Further updates regarding this incident will be posted throughout the night and tomorrow.  A NIXLE/TWITTER community notification was sent out by the Wellesley Police Department as well.


***FINAL UPDATE*** At approximately 11PM, the excavator was dragged to the top of the construction road and removed from the accident scene.  It will be secured for the night and removed by a trailer in the morning from Kimlo Road.  The operation to recover the excavator took many hours, and various types of specialized tow trucks and cranes.  MBTA rail service was stopped at various points throughout the night while the excavator was removed.