One Injured After Vehicle Hit a House

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Officer Mark D’Innocenzo is investigating a one car crash on Parker Road that damaged a home on Wednesday morning. 


At 8:15 AM a Parker Road resident called the police department reporting that a vehicle had crashed through their fence and driven through their backyard, striking the house.  The Wellesley Police, Fire Department, and Cataldo ambulance were dispatched to the scene.


Officer D’Innocenzo arrived on the scene and discovered the vehicle and the driver parked in a driveway on Brookmere Road, which runs parallel to Parker Road.  The driver appeared to have minor injuries and was treated and transported to Newton Wellesley Hospital by Cataldo paramedics.


A preliminary investigation has determined that the driver was backing out of a driveway on Brookmere Road, somehow lost control, and drove through a wood fence, finally coming to a rest at the rear of a house on Parker Road.  The driver then pulled forward and drove into his driveway, which was located across the street on Brookmere Road when police arrived. 


The house that was struck was damaged, and the Wellesley Building Department is conducting an inspection as a precaution.  No one inside the house was injured. 


The crash is an ongoing investigation by Officer Mark D’Innocenzo.