Scott Whittemore Promoted to Deputy Police Chief

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On December 4, 2017, the Wellesley Board of Selectmen promoted Lieutenant Scott Whittemore to the rank of Deputy Police Chief during their regular weekly meeting.  The Deputy Police Chief’s position was previously held by Chief Jack Pilecki, before he became the Police Chief in February of 2017.


Chief Pilecki formally presented and recommended Lieutenant Whittemore for promotion to the Deputy Chief’s position before the Board of Selectmen.  Lieutenant Whittemore had previously interviewed with each Board of Selectmen member, and appeared before Board on November 27, 2017 for a public interview.   The Board voted unanimously  to promote Lt. Whittemore to Deputy Chief.  Once promoted, Deputy Chief Whittemore had his badge pinned to his uniform for the first time by his father, Wellesley resident Nat Whittemore. 


The meeting was well attended by members of the Wellesley Police Department and members of the Wellesley community. Following the official promotion by the Board of Selectmen, members of the Wellesley Police Department formed outside the Town Hall for a formal recognition of the new Deputy Chief.  The proceedings were led by the by the Wellesley Police Department Honor Guard, and most senior police officer of the department, Officer Jim Amalfi.  


Deputy Chief Whittemore is the 5th person to hold the rank since its inception in the early 1990’s.  He is a 21-year veteran of the department, having joined in 1996, shortly after graduation from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).  He became a sergeant in 2001, and a lieutenant in 2013.    Deputy Chief Whittemore holds a master’s degree in criminal justice, and graduated from the 265th session of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. 


Deputy Chief Whittemore lives in Wellesley with his wife, Lorraine and their two young children, Nat and Kate.