Suspicious Device Found on Framar Road

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This missle like object was located by children digging in their backyard.The Wellesley Police and Fire Departments responded to Framar Road during the early evening hours on April 14, 2011 after a suspicious device was dug up by children.  Officer Matt Farwell, Officer Derrick Popovski, Officer Tim Dennehy and Sergeant Steve Atwood all responded to the scene.  The Wellesley Fire Department also responded.


Officer Matt Farwell discovered a rusty, missile type object laying next to a fire hydrant.  The object looked distinctly like a World War 2 era anti tank missile.  After interviewing neighbors, the officers determined that the device had been dug up by children playing in a rear yard, who then carried it out to the street.



As a precaution, the area was evacuated and sealed off.  A member of the bomb squad responded to the scene, along with Chief of Police Cunningham.  After the bomb squad technician examined the device with a portable X-ray machine, it was determined that the device was inert, and not dangerous.  The bomb squad technician removed the item from the scene. 


Officer Derrick Popovski seals off the area.

 The incident allowed the Wellesley Police Department to utilize our new community notification system, which is replacing Nixle.  The new system, powered by GovDelivery, offers citizens many more choices on what types of alerts they can receive to their email inbox and cell phones.


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The Wellesley Police Department will be discontinuing Nixle alerts after April 29, 2011 and fully switching to the new system from GovDelivery.