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A Massachusetts Bay Community College student, arrested in 2011 for carrying a loaded firearm on the Wellesley campus, was found guilty and sentenced last week in Norfolk County Superior Court.


On the morning of Thursday February 3 2011 detectives of the Wellesley Police Department arrested Darryl Max Dookhran, 19 of 1023 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester at Mass Bay Community College in Wellesley on firearms charges.  A citizen had informed Officer Conor Ashe that they had seen Dookhran, who is a Mass Bay student,  carrying a firearm at the college.  Following the report, Wellesley detectives conducted an investigation into Dookhran with assistance from the Boston Police, Transit Police and Mass Bay College Police.

The firearm the suspect was carrying.
On February 3, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. Wellesley
detectives, assisted by detectives of the NORPAC Task Force, spotted Dookhran standing in line at the registrar’s office and approached him.  They identified themselves and walked him into a nearby room.  When the detectives told him that they heard he was carrying a gun, Dookhran backed against a wall.  Detectives attempted to pat him down, but he resisted violently kicking at the detectives.
Detectives found the TEC-9 in Dookhran’s back pack.  The firearm, manufactured by Intratec, is a semi-automatic weapon chambered in nine millimeter.  It was loaded with an 18 round magazine and had a round in the chamber, making it ready to be fired.
Dookhran was arrested and charged with the following:
1.  Carrying a Dangerous Weapon to Wit a Firearm
2.  Unlawful Possession of Ammunition
3.  Possession of a Firearm on School Grounds
4.  Possession of a Large Capacity Firearm
5.  Possession of a Large Capacity Feeding Device
6.  Felon in Possession of a Firearm
7.  Knowingly Resisting Arrest
8.  Disorderly Person
Last week, in Norfolk Superior Court, Dookhran was found guilty on all counts, and sentenced to 2.5 years (and a day) to serve in prison.