WPD Web News Update: Dog Rescued From Icy Charles River

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On Sunday, December 22 at 1:39 PM, Wellesley Police Dispatchers Kelly O’Brien and Mark Knapp received a frantic 911 call from a person at the Elm Bank Reservation.  The caller reported that their Golden Retriever had fallen through the ice on the Charles River and was trapped in a remote section of Elm Bank. 


Dispatchers O’Brien and Knapp used the caller’s cell phone GPS location through the 911 system to pinpoint the caller’s location in the woods near the river.  The closest location to the caller was Winding River Circle in Wellesley.  This information was absolutely critical in directing first responders to the correct area.


Wellesley Police Officers and Wellesley Firefighters were then able to locate the dog, about 50 yards offshore in the Charles River.  The dog was trapped by ice and unable to make it to shore.  Wellesley Firefighter Dave Papazian suited up in a cold water survival suit and went right in after the dog.  Firefighter Papazian navigated his way out to the dog, a 5 year old golden named Crosby. 


Firefighter Papazian was able to swim out, breaking up the ice on the way.  He was then able to rescue Crosby, and guide her to shore.  Wellesley Fire Lieutenant Paul Delaney also suited up in a cold water survival suit and assisted in the rescue.  Other officers and firefighters on the shore pulled the rescue team in with the use of ropes.


Once the dog was on dry land, Fire Captain Jim Dennehy and Wellesley Police Officer Tim Gover dried off Crosby using blankets and a fire coat.  Crosby was a little cold and shaken, but all things considered, seemed in very good health.  Crosby was reunited with her mother a short time later.