Route 16 Bridge Fully Open

Type:  traffic  

The ramp from Route 9 west to Route 16 has been re-opened today, allowing motorists to exit Route 9 at the Wellesley Hills Library onto Washington Street.  Workers have also temporarily repaved the bridge itself and removed a majority of the barriers.  This has made the bridge much wider for travel. Temporary pavement markings are also in place.  The traffic lights at the ramp have been reactivated as well and will regulate the intersection.  These lights were shut off when the ramp was first closed.


Work on the bridge has not been completed, however, and the bridge will again be paved when the project is completed sometime this spring.

 The ramp from Rt. 9 West to Rt. 16 has been opened!

For now, motorists no longer have to use the Cedar Street detour or Cliff Road to exit onto Washington Street.  The Wellesley Police Department will be performing traffic enforcement in the area of the ramp at Route 16 to remind  and ensure motorists are stopping for the newly reactivated traffic lights.


One change to the traffic pattern has been the addition of a "Left Turn Only" lane on Route 16 east to Route 9 west in front of the Community Center.  Previously, this turn had not been allowed.  However, with the bridge work, this is a new feature.  The traffic lights at the intersection also have a green "left turn" arrow for traffic going eastbound.