Falling Tree Narrowly Misses Cruiser

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On Saturday July 18th, Officer Ron Poirier was on patrol just prior to midnight.  He was on Cedar Street, checking the commercial businesses and schools in the area prior to going off duty.  It was Officer Poirier's last night of patrol prior to going on his summer vacation.


The tree took down a fence, stone wall, and blocked Cedar Street.As Officer Poirier traveled southbound on Cedar Street, he heard something strike the rear of his cruiser.  "It sounded like a branch or leaves brushing on the rear of the car.  I looked in the rear view mirror and could see some motion, but it was too dark to see anything."  Officer Poirier continued to travel, and less than two seconds later, heard a large crashing noise.  He pulled over to investigate.  As he got out the cruiser, he could hear debris, rocks, and branches falling into the street. 


Looking back at his very recent path of travel, a large tree was now completely blocking Cedar Street.  The tree, while coming down, bent a steel pole in half, ripped out a stone retaining wall, and would later take the Wellesley Park and Tree Department a few hours to clean up and remove.  The tree had missed his cruiser by inches...and seconds.


Officer Poirier took the incident in stride, and was more concerned about the tree having come down Officer Ron Poirier and Officer Derrick Popovskiearlier in the night when traffic was heavier, than he was about his own well being.  Officer Poirier is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and has been a police officer in Wellesley for just over one year.  He is assigned to the evening shift.


Cedar Street was closed and detoured for several hours during the cleanup.  There were no injuries.