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The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) reports that the Rockland Street bridge will be closed on Friday, January 27, 2012 at 10 AM for demolition and reconstruction.  The bridge will not open until sometime later this year.


The Rockland Street bridge links the end of Linden Street and Rockland Street with Washington Street at Forest Street.  Motorists will now have to use the Kingsbury Street or Crest Road bridge.  Pedestrians will still be able to cross over the railroad tracks with a temporary pedestrian bridge that has been built.


Traffic lights in the area will be adjusted as needed to compensate for the new traffic patterns and will be monitored by the Wellesley Police Department.


The old bridge will be completely demolished over the next few weeks and a new bridge will be constructed at the same location.  MassDOT hopes to have the work completed by the fall of 2012.


In other WPD news:


A juvenile was slightly injured after a one car traffic crash early Thursday morning on Route 9.  The juvenile was operating a Toyota Highlander sports utility, which rolled over and crashed into a utility pole on Route 9 westbound just after Cedar Street shortly after 4 AM on January 26. 


The impact of the vehicle sheared the utility pole at the base, causing the pole to lean dangerously over Route 9 westbound.  Sergeant Jeff Renzella, Officer Mike Gerard, Officer Jenny Rowe, and Officer Mike Lemenager all responded to the scene.  Route 9 west was closed to traffic for an hour while the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant steadied the pole.  There was a minor power outage in the area as well due to the damaged pole.


The juvenile was transported by ambulance with minor injuries. Traffic charges will be brought forth as the juvenile was not allowed to be operating a motor vehicle at 4 AM with his Massachusetts driver license.


A video from the scene of the crash: