Package Thefts This Holiday Season

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Last year, several towns, including Wellesley, experienced a rash of package thefts during December.  Packages were stolen from the front door area of homes after being delivered. We have had one such report this year, and in that case the package was in the front door area for over 24 hours before being stolen.


The Wellesley Police Department urges residents to have packages delivered to areas of homes that are not readily visible to people on the street.  The goal is to reduce the visibility of the delivered package.    Packages that are clearly visible to anyone driving by are easy targets.


Some potential alternate locations include side doors, inside of porches, or other inconspicuous locations. Package delivery services will often honor requests to leave parcels in other areas of the home if residents leave instructions on where they should be placed. Placing a small sign on the front door with these instructions is often sufficient.


As always, suspicious activity should be immediately reported to the Wellesley Police Department.