2 New Officers Graduate the MBTA Police Academy

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Two new officers joined the ranks of the Wellesley Police Department earlier this week.  Officer Jim Lindelof and Officer Kevin Brooks graduated from the 30th class of the MBTA Transit Police Academy on Tuesday, December 18.  Graduation ceremonies were held at historic Faneuil Hall in Boston.


The MBTA Police academy is held in Quincy Massachusetts and lasts for six months.  Recruits receive a variety of specialized training in that time frame.  Subjects range from domestic violence and Massachusetts general laws to firearms and defensive driving.  Recruits also undergo rigorous physical training during the six month period and are required to pass numerous tests, both in the classroom and in practical applications.


Officer Jim Lindelof, Chief of Police Terry Cunningham, and Officer Kevin BrooksThe class had 41 officers graduate from various cities and towns.  The guest speaker for the event was Chief Bill Brooks from the Norwood Police Department.  Chief Brooks was the Wellesley Police Department's Deputy Chief of Police for 12 years before leaving for Norwood in May of 2012.   


New Wellesley Officers Lindelof and Brooks will now train with Wellesley Police field training officers for the next several months learning the practical aspects of the job. 


Click HERE for photos from the event.