Call Stats: November and December 2012

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Each month, the Wellesley Police Department posts information regarding the numbers and types of calls that the department handles. The total number of incidents Wellesley Police officers handled are listed, as well as a breakdown of some of the more well-known incident types.

Explanations regarding what each call type consists of can be found below.



Call Type/Incident                         November                      December



TOTAL CALLS FOR SERVICE:     2,090                                 1,974



Alarms:                                           137                                    148


(Commercial and Residential)



Arrests:                                            11                                     17



Break Ins:                                         1 Residential                    2 Residential

              1 Commercial


E-911 Hang Up Calls                        48                                    37



Medical Emergency:                        142                                  143



Motor Vehicle Accidents:                  94                                    83



Motor Vehicle Stops:                        600                                  550



Reports:                                           193                                   191


(Accident, Crime, and Summons)



Traffic Enforcement Posts:               162                                   166



Calls for service include anything and everything that the Wellesley Police Department is involved with. A few examples of the types of calls that are included in this number are items such as responding to medical emergencies, investigating traffic crashes, selective traffic enforcement in neighborhoods, and conducting security checks of buildings.



Alarms/E911 Calls:


Alarms include both commercial and residential burglar alarms.



E-911 hang up calls are occurs when a dispatcher cannot make contact with a caller after someone has dialed 911. Every 911 call that is made to the Wellesley Police Department is investigated by a Wellesley Police officer. In most cases, these 911 calls were accidental in nature. However, to ensure the public safety of citizens in Wellesley, at minimum, a police officer is dispatched to verify there is no actual problem or emergency.





Arrests include crime incidents in Wellesley where a suspect is taken into custody and the service of arrest warrants, which often are for crimes outside of Wellesley.





Break-ins include incidents in both commercial buildings and residential homes, where there was unlawful entry and removal of items.



Medical Emergencies:


Wellesley Police officers respond to every emergency medical call in the town of Wellesley, and carry both first aid equipment, and automatic external defibrillators (AED), which are critical in treating sudden cardiac arrests.



Motor Vehicle Accidents:


Traffic crashes that are reported to the department, with and without injuries. Each time a Wellesley Police officer responds to a motor vehicle crash, an officer documents their findings in a crash report, which includes a narrative of the incident and a diagram of the scene. For a detailed location of accidents in Wellesley, please see our Traffic Crash Location Map on this website.



Motor Vehicle Stops and Selective Traffic Enforcement Posts:


Motor vehicle stops are motorists stopped by Wellesley Police officers for traffic violations.



Selective traffic enforcement posts focus an officer’s attention on a particular traffic violation in a certain area. Some of these traffic enforcement posts are conducted on smaller, neighborhood streets, and are usually the result of citizen input. Some traffic posts focus on such items as vehicles failing to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, not stopping for red lights, or excessive speeding. Accident data is also analyzed, and officers are dispatched to areas that show an increase, or trend, in traffic accidents.





Police reports include traffic collisions, criminal investigations, arrest reports, and any other police related incident where documentation is necessary. On average, it takes an officer at least an hour to complete a report from start to finish.



This information is compiled by Wellesley Police Dispatcher Robert Rowe on a monthly basis and posted on and on our Facebook page at