Wellesley Police Video Unit



This camera will play automatically when there is a live feed.

Live video for mobile from Ustream


Wellesley Police Officers are on the front lines of every emergency situation that unfolds in town.  On occasion, we are able to make videos of these events as they happen.  This allows you to be in the passenger seat with Wellesley Officers as they respond to, and successfully deal with, fast breaking events that are part of the job.  Click on the links to the left for a chance to see the Wellesley Police Department in action in previous years..


In the fall of 2011, the Wellesley Police Department began regularly adding videos to our website featuring officers on the street working, discussing crime alerts, and offering crime tips.


To see all of our videos, please click here for a direct link to our YouTube account (WellesleyPDPhoto).


You can also search for us on YouTube under "WellesleyPDPhoto".